Art Installation at 102-104 Washington Street

One of the coolest things happening around Newburgh right now is the art installation at 102-104 Washington Street that was just cleaned up by the Newburgh Clean Up Mob. This is really exciting to see. Imagine if art could be installed on all the abandoned and empty buildings. It would make streets feel safer and more attractive to potential buyers. The clean up mob and the artists that participate not only donate their time and sweat, but their money and talents on materials so everyone can enjoy the buildings new look.

Word is this is just phase 1, so stay tuned! See what the building used to look like before below:

And here’s  close up. Artists include:
Photo with 4 panels, left to right:
Will Teran, Jeff Wallace, Rachel Weidkam (x2)
Photo with 3 panels, left to right:
Gerardo Castro, Wyatt Stevens, Will Teran

The next Clean-Up Mob is scheduled for Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 10am. Please keep the date open. If you want to be reminded please send your email address to or follow on Twitter @cleanupmob, follow them on Facebook. They’re always looking for ideas