Local Artist Teams Up With Historical Society To Repair Damaged Sign

As the first gateway for most visitors to Newburgh, the appearance of our historical sites and markers should be a priority for anyone who lives and works in the City.  That’s why it was so awfully discouraging to see the recent vandalism to the sign at the Crawford House on Montgomery Street. The Crawford House and the Historical Society archive and library operate on limited resources culled from local membership dues and volunteer input.

Thankfully, in a City of so many needs, there is also a great amount of talent and generosity welled up in our community.  When local artist, Gerardo Castro, discovered the damaged sign he used the opportunity to give the marker a much needed facelift.


The refreshed sign was returned to its rightful place this week, looking better than ever before and we can all be proud of the care with which it was repaired.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Historical Society or would like to be included on their mailing lists, please email your information to joh.porr@gmail.com or follow www.facebook.com/newburghhistoricalsociety to stay up-to-date
In photos:
Gerardo Castro, Local Artist
Michael Gabor, Owner of Newburgh Art Supply
Johanna Porr, Director of the Historical Society