Washington’s Headquarters Museum to Reopen December 2012

Washington's Headquarters Museum

After years of renovations, “Unpacked and Rediscovered: Selections from Washington’s Headquarters’ Collection” will be unveiled on December 1, 2012 at Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site’s recently renovated Museum.  “Unpacked and Rediscovered” features rare, curious and important collections not seen by the public for many years. Displayed in two galleries of open storage, this selection of amazing objects was amassed over 160 years and represents the very roots of the preservation movement in American history.

On the Fourth of July 1850, the State of New York dedicated General George Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, making it the very first publicly owned historic site in the nation. It was here that General Washington spent the final critical months of the War for Independence and molded the new republic. The headquarters immediately became a popular attraction and a shrine to the patriotic ideals associated with George Washington and the American Revolution.

Along with “Unpacked and Rediscovered”, the two first floor exhibits have been refreshed and will be open to visitors.  In the east gallery, highlights include a segment of the Boom and Chevaux de Frise that was used by Washington in “Defense of the Hudson.”  In the west gallery, portraits of George and Martha Washington will be featured, along with panels describing the history and importance of this site.

Although the Museum does not reopen until December 1st, tours of the Jonathan Hasbrouck House, the farmhouse that served as General Washington’s Newburgh headquarters are available. Experience the ambiance of a house rich in historic significance for this community and country.