Photography Exhibit at Karpeles Museum- Minnewaska: The Red Trail by Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller

Saturday, September 1 – Sunday, October 28, 2012

The 21,106-acre Minnewaska State Park Preserve in Ulster County, on the rugged Shawangunk Mountain range, is one of the natural treasures of New York State. A dramatic site prized by hikers and bikers, swimmers and climbers, campers and horseback riders, its rocky peaks, hardwood forests, waterfalls, and crystal lakes and streams have drawn nature lovers from around the world since New York State purchased the territory in 1987 and opened it to the public six years later.

Among the Minnewaska Preserve’s most appreciative fans have always been artists, captivated by its spectacular beauty, and few have rendered its scenery with more appreciation and sensitivity than award-winning photographer Cathy Miller. A graduate of Finch Women’s Art College in New York City and a summer art program in San Marino, Italy, Ms. Miller has exhibited her work in the Newburgh Free Library, Safe Harbors, and City Hall. She has received two New York State poster awards and was commissioned to create posters and murals for events and galas over a period of six years by the art studio of Safe Harbors. Working in several genres, she has also served as editor of the Cornerstone monthly newspaper, done photography and computer graphics for it, and illustrated several volumes of poetry.

This selection Ms. Miller’s elegantly composed and meticulously reproduced photographs of the Minnewaska Trail serves as both an aesthetic and a documentary presentation of one of New York State’s most highly admired sites.

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