Code Enforcement of Neglected Properties Coming Soon

Landlords who once ignored laws regarding the neglect of their properties will now be held accountable vows Mayor Kennedy in a recent THR article. Properties like the one above with garbage spewed about is unfortunately all too common in Newburgh. Hopefully the threat of fines and a court appearance will make landlords maintain their properties.

Another bit of news is that the Newburgh Land Bank is getting ready to buy properties which, will be bought for a small fee, then will be rehabbed and sold.

One Comment

  • So why now? And where? The Land Bank wants to gobble up properties to raze for the hospital. They’re going to start enforcing laws now to take even more properties. But they’re going to pick and choose. One of our building inspectors owns at least 15 and possibly up to 40 properties in the city and does not live here. Will any of his buildings be targeted?