Boy Scouts of America, The Great Depression – Exhibit at Karpeles Museum

Saturday, September 1 – Sunday, December 23, 2012

Economic downturns have occurred, nationally and internationally, since the beginnings of civilization, but surely the deepest and longest-lasting slump in global history occurred following the American Stock Market crash of October 1929. Known as the Great Depression, it impoverished millions of investors in the United States and, by an inevitable domino effect, throughout the world. One half of the country’s banks failed and from thirteen to fifteen million Americans lost their jobs.

The Karpeles Museum will present an exhibition featuring both the Boy Scouts and the Great Depression, with rare and surprising documents on both subjects. Original letters by Herbert Hoover, the president on whose watch the Depression began, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his political adversary and successor, whose efforts at correcting it with such “New Deal” programs as the Works Progress Administration (WPA) finally brought it to an end.

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