Snazzy Interior of Liberty Street Tattoo

Liberty Street Tattoo Newburgh

Have you seen the interior of the new business in Washington Market, Liberty Street Tattoo? We mentioned it a few weeks ago, but now their Facebook Fanpage is up. It shows a nicely decorated shop with a tin ceiling and vintage furnishings. It is a great addition for the growing businesses of the area. Well executed shops like these are a welcome change from the empty dark store front. Their logo includes George Washington. What do you think? For more pictures check out their facebook fan page.

It seems like businesses in Washington Market are taking advantage of one of Newburgh’s oldest tourist attractions-Washington’s Headquarters. Many believe this area will be the first to catapult Newburgh’s renaissance. What other shops would you like to see come to the area? There are plenty of storefronts for rent!

-Photos via Liberty Street Tattoo Newburgh FanPage

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