Inside the Monell Mansion in 1930’s

The present condition of the Monell Mansion at 288 Grand Street is even more heartbreaking when you take a look at these photos from around the 1930’s. On September 27th there was an open house that allowed realtors and some of the general public to tour the mansion. Kiki Hayden, who lived in the house as a little girl provided these photos and a few memories at the open house in hopes that this property can be bought up and restored. Many feel that this historical mansion is in danger of being destroyed if a buyer can not be found. Until then it deteriorates slowly. These photos are a preservationists dream because it provides a visual record of how the house was decorated over 70 years ago.

You still have a chance to bid at the silent auction. Bids are due October 17, 2012 by 4 p.m. For more information go to the City of Newburgh website for forms and details.

All photos ©Kiki Hayden

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  • so, question for those who have seen the inside. how does it look now?

  • I am looking forward to seeing this property come to life. One of the most rewarding things on Grand Street at 277 has been looking up into the building from the street and seeing all of the windows lit with people enjoying their homes inside. Tenants decorating the building inside and out with holiday greenery. This historical part of the City is so lovely and quiet. It will be wonderful when the new people finally move in at the Monell across the street. I hope they will be preserving the unique octagon room and the dramatic staircase. In the neighborhood, there is a wish for a community garden. I would like to propose a block party on Grand Street when they move in— to celebrate!

    There are several truly beautiful empty homes nearby which are in need of being inhabited.It is a great neighborhood. For those who are considering coming to the City of Newburgh, now is a great time to buy while mortgage rates are still low and there are plenty of wonderful historical homes to save from the destruction caused by the elements.