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new Monell Mansion

The new owners of 288 Grand are super excited to have finally closed on their home after many hiccups along the way. Gregory shares these words regarding his experience:

“An “Oil” spill delayed our September closing, and title issues were also found. But we stuck to our guns and now 288 Grand is ours. The whole team at City of Newburgh Office was amazing. Super helpful, understanding and caring.

As you know there is a long road ahead with the restoration. But I have my two best workers by my side and we can tackle all of it!

We closed Dec 18th, just in time for everyone/contractors to be on break! I am chomping at the bit to get started! I even dragged Patrick and Jack up on the 26th to just have a front yard clean up day. See attached photo.

First task is clean the place out! Its full of Junk! Dumpster arrives next week. Next repair the roof, and gutters and windows. Work should start Mid Jan.  Once we are weather sealed, the interior work will begin!”

The new family also wants to give the mansion a new name to breathe fresh life into the home and the block. That will be the way we refer to the Monell mansion in future posts. If you are interested in being their neighbor, the home across the street, 287 Grand, just dropped even lower to $42,900. It would be a great way to start to turn this section of Grand around again into more owner-occupied homes.

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The Monell Mansion on Grand Street is soon just going to be a distant memory with the rate of decay that is now happening to it. Brian Wolfe who grew up in the home until 1962 went back to take these photos on September 21, 2013 during an open house. My, how things have changes since the last time we looked at it. Things have been stolen, mold is growing, walls are cracking and floors are falling. It will take a couple hundred thousand to fix up this huge home. I hope that by posting these pictures someone out there with either a fat wallet or some ingenuity can figure out how to save the Monell Mansion, 288 Grand Street. The photos are so sad. No McMansion will ever give you crown moulding or wood paneling like this. Even the beautiful bathroom tile goes all the way up to the ceiling! There is also a carriage house that is collapsing out back.

You can see other coverage of the Monell Mansion from Newburgh Restoration here.

All photos © Brian Wolfe



Monell Collage 1





Monell Collage 2










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The present condition of the Monell Mansion at 288 Grand Street is even more heartbreaking when you take a look at these photos from around the 1930’s. On September 27th there was an open house that allowed realtors and some of the general public to tour the mansion. Kiki Hayden, who lived in the house as a little girl provided these photos and a few memories at the open house in hopes that this property can be bought up and restored. Many feel that this historical mansion is in danger of being destroyed if a buyer can not be found. Until then it deteriorates slowly. These photos are a preservationists dream because it provides a visual record of how the house was decorated over 70 years ago.

You still have a chance to bid at the silent auction. Bids are due October 17, 2012 by 4 p.m. For more information go to the City of Newburgh website for forms and details.

All photos ©Kiki Hayden

09/26/12 1:00pm

One of Newburgh’s architectural gems – 288 Grand Street – a possible Frederick Clarke Withers designed home in the A.J. Downing tradition – is in need.

On Thursday, September 27th at 10am, the City of Newburgh will open the mansion as a preview for the silent auction.  This Broker’s Opening is a rare opportunity to connect buyers to this magnificent home.

Please come to photograph the home, learn its history and write about the situation so that we can find the right person to restore it.  It’s important that we get the word out about the urgent needs of our historic district. Every architectural rarity that we lose further destroys the fabric of our community.

The Newburgh area has a rich history as well as great natural beauty. It may be that the confluence of history and beauty caused the extraordinary flowering of architecture here that had a national impact. A flourishing 19th century economy was a magnet for many of the era’s most influential architects. Andrew Jackson Downing, a Newburgh native, established the nation’s first architectural collaborative with his colleagues A.J. Davis, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Clarke Withers, at Highland Gardens, his nursery and estate once located in the heart of Newburgh’s Historic East End.

RSVP to the Department of Planning & Development at (845) 569-9400 or via email at ckain@cityofnewburgh-ny.gov

06/18/12 10:35am

The Newburgh Clean Up Mob was inspired by other mobs, and clean up groups in the city. Sunday morning, June 10, 2012 at 10am community members came out and cleaned up a historic gem of the city, the Monell Mansion at 288 Grand Street.

They brought weed-wackers, shovels, rakes, clippers, gloves, trash bags and a whole lot of fun. Even Mayor Kennedy showed up and stayed for the entire time. Garbage was moved to the road verge, clippings were bagged, branches were tied, recyclables were separated. Fifteen citizens in total made the effort a complete success. On Monday and Tuesday following the clean-up, the Department of Public Works picked up the garbage, trimmed the remainder of the lawn and secured the property with fencing and a No Trespassing sign. Now the property looks presentable and some possible buyers have been notified. Watch out for the next Newburgh Community Clean-Up Mob which will take place on Sunday, July 8, 10am at a location TBA at their website and Facebook Fan Page.

The home is still for sale, (it seems the property is now city owned) and as can be seen, is a very special piece of architecture for the city.







04/06/11 10:15am

This mansion at 288 Grand Street is listed for $199,000 and the owner seems eager to sell. It was built in  c.1840 and around 1889 it was home to E. A. Walsh.

©Newburgh: her institutions, industries and leading citizens

You can see that the home was remolded, perhaps sometime in the 1890’s. It is rumored to be an original A.J. Downing house, just found out it’s a Frederick Clarke Withers. The house boasts amazing original details like original wordwork, built ins, floors, tiles, fireplaces, hardware, and even a wine cellar in the huge basement! There is also a carriage house that might be salvageable. The details of this home go on and on. Unfortunately, it was made into 3 units, although that can not continue to be the case as it would ruin the architectural integrity of the home. A person who took a recent tour guesses that there are over 10 bedrooms in this home, truly making it a mansion. If you know anyone who is a historic preservationist and wants to buy a home, pass this along! Hopefully it can avoid the cutting board! See below for pictures:


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