Meet the New Owners of the Monell Mansion, 288 Grand

new Monell Mansion

The new owners of 288 Grand are super excited to have finally closed on their home after many hiccups along the way. Gregory shares these words regarding his experience:

“An “Oil” spill delayed our September closing, and title issues were also found. But we stuck to our guns and now 288 Grand is ours. The whole team at City of Newburgh Office was amazing. Super helpful, understanding and caring.

As you know there is a long road ahead with the restoration. But I have my two best workers by my side and we can tackle all of it!

We closed Dec 18th, just in time for everyone/contractors to be on break! I am chomping at the bit to get started! I even dragged Patrick and Jack up on the 26th to just have a front yard clean up day. See attached photo.

First task is clean the place out! Its full of Junk! Dumpster arrives next week. Next repair the roof, and gutters and windows. Work should start Mid Jan.  Once we are weather sealed, the interior work will begin!”

The new family also wants to give the mansion a new name to breathe fresh life into the home and the block. That will be the way we refer to the Monell mansion in future posts. If you are interested in being their neighbor, the home across the street, 287 Grand, just dropped even lower to $42,900. It would be a great way to start to turn this section of Grand around again into more owner-occupied homes.

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  • We’re so glad to welcome you to Newburgh. Good luck with your renovations!

    Mark & Mary Elin at 7 Central.

  • Alright everyone, ready? Now exhale….

  • Welcome to this wild and wacky place! Hope the renovation moves along more quickly than the closing 🙂

  • Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Hope your restoration becomes everything you have dreamed of, and more. I must say, I’ve never seen Forsythia bloom in December in Newburgh! Things have certainly changed since I moved to the Sunshine State!

  • For getting to where you are right now: All congratulations and admiration to the new owners of 288 Grand!
    Your purchase of the house is truly a gift to the City of Newburgh and validation of the ongoing revitalization of the City. As I am sure you know, Newburgh is not “The New Brooklyn”-but it is , in many ways the Old Brooklyn when becoming a homesteader, bringing a house back to life and being a contributing part of a vital community was possible–and of course, wonderful. Don’t know of another place in the United States where building back an historic community from practically ground zero is still an option. As Hannah points out, Newburgh is a “wild and wacky” place” filled with determined, eccentric, opinionated, generous, creative people who will surround you with support. Let the adventures begin!

  • Best wishes…and don’t burn yourselves out. It’s only a house.

  • $10,668 Yes that is the yearly taxes for the house across the street being sold for $42,900. So after owning at that house 4 years you have now paid more in taxes than the house is worth… Ah the wonders of Newburgh. But taxes aside best of luck on the renovation, I truly hope there are no major issues uncovered. Best of luck and welcome to Newburgh.

  • Good luck guys! You might be surprised at how far a geographic reach the Newburgh restoration support

  • The house at 288 Grand St in Newburgh was my great grandfather Jerome Walsh’s house and the house where my grandparents were married in 1912. I have a lovely picture of it but don’t know how to post it. My great grandfather owned a brick factory with his brother Elija. He was the first person to have a car in Newburgh and I was told by his niece’s (then in their 90’s) that he would drive it at full speed through town without stopping for anyone or anything. Even though they were just teenage girls he taught them both how to drive.