112“…gently down a stream…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream”. Hopefully now I’ve grabbed your attention (and raised your curiosity), by using this simple & beloved song   (taking some poetic license of course), to whimsically  introduce my post today. And it is in pictorial celebration of the variety of beautiful and historic architectural styles of ROWHOUSES that  landscape, (not quite down a stream), but along, and truly never far from, the breathtaking Hudson River in the City of Newburgh.


What is also wonderful about so much of this beautiful architecture is that here in the city of Newburgh “life” and the potential of owning a historic home does not have to be “but a dream”, (like so many other urban-style locations near-by and neighborhoods in New York City), it can be an  affordable reality for us “mere mortals” to find that special abode.

Being “priced out of the market” in order to own a historically significant home is currently not the case here in Newburgh!!  Hence, if this post “wets your appetite for more”,  just take the time to tour  here on Newburgh Restoration, where  you can not only see available homes that may just need some updating,  cosmetic attention and your personalization, but also those that need  full restorations and rehabs in the form of rescue me types of properties.


The variety of  rowhouse styles here in Newburgh range from Romanesque, Gothic Revival, Renaissance Revival, Beaux Arts, Federal Style,  English Style and Painted Lady Victorians. Their beauty is prevalent along treed and quiet side streets, on streets with unencumbered Hudson River views and even along the hip and revitalizing commercial thoroughfare of Liberty Street.


You can even find  historic rowhouse replication in the form of new construction on East Parmenter St  which, is actually creating a brand new “vest pocket”, walkable and family friendly, residential community right in the center of the Washington Park neighborhood of Newburgh.


And speaking of “walkable”, with Spring just a scant few weeks away, take the time to plan a visit and discover the City of Newburgh not only for its architecture, its amazing inventory of affordable  homes (rowhouses, victorians and even mid-century moderns) and its investment opportunities, but also for its wonderful artistic vibe, its history, its creative culture, its green spaces and its diversity.

If touring, browsing and discovering is your thing and you want to be part of “the next great place”, start here on Newburgh Restoration to help to plan your home search and view real estate updates, trending progress, new projects and scheduled events that are continuously  helping to build, restore and revitalize this promising city.


When you’re actually ready to visit, remember to wear a sensible pair of shoes in order to stroll the historic streets, meander along the bluffs in the Heights and discover the potential of each neighborhood.

Finally…even if you first venture to Newburgh for the enjoyment of its waterfront and the trendy Front Street dining vibe, you just might surprise yourself to further explore in order to find that rowhouse or vintage home that previously existed only in your dreams. And then,  even you may choose to “merrily, merrily, merrily”… be part of Newburgh’s promising future!!