Renovation Adventures: Refinishing Floors on Chambers Street


Last Wednesday Bob shared the start of his home renovations of a lovely rowhome on Chambers Street. Today he shares the work he did refinishing his wood floors in his master bedroom. He removed one layer of carpet, only to find another layer of carpet that was an indoor/outdoor carpet with a black rubber backing that eventually had just turned to powder. Below are the beautiful results after he was all done.


Bob said that after the carpet was removed the house started to smell better. But, it was a huge undertaking and a lot of dust! One can only imagine!


This is Bob’s next project, removing layer upon layer of old tile. He’s hoping there is an original floor somewhere below there. Wouldn’t it be great if more homes in Newburgh could be cared for with such detail? There are plenty to go around!

If you have your own home renovation photos you would like to contribute, please email me.

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  • I just wanted to clarify that I didn’t do the floors myself, had them capably done by Shane’s Hardwood Floors. There was no carpeting in the bedrooms that were done. The multi-layers are in the entrance hall. I’m down to the tiles and hope to hit paydirt (real wood floor) soon.

  • I think I met Bob at the Chambers St. cleanup in March. I can’t wait to see all the before and afters from this house!

  • It sure is fun to uncover layers of “protection” to find the original beauty alive and well after all! Great job!

  • Awesome! This is indeed a great adventure. I love the finished product so much. It’s really hard to believe that from the dirty old floor, it turned out to be good as new. This is amazing. I’m really glad you shared this amazing experience. Good luck on your next project! I’m sure you can do this again. Please share the result soon. Thanks!

  • What a change… I cant believe that its the same flooring. Waiting to see more pics. All the best for your next project Bob 🙂