Conference in Newburgh on Water Quality & Neighborhood Revitalization


9 am-5 pm, May 8, 2013 at Kaplan Hall, SUNY-Orange campus in Newburgh NY

Sponsored by the Hudson Valley Regional Council.  Co-Sponsored by the Orange County Planning Department; other supporting organizations TBA (list in formation)

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Managing runoff using green infrastructure is viewed as a more sustainable and effective approach for managing stormwater runoff and integrating water resources goals into land use planning and meeting water quality goals.  Green infrastructure (GI) for stormwater management is now considered the preferred approach for managing runoff and protecting water quality in state and Federal regulatory and funding programs.  The May 8 conference in Newburgh will provide an introduction to basic concepts and examples of GI, presentations about specific opportunities for using it in Newburgh and other communities in the region, case studies of completed projects, and discussion about resources and next steps.

In addition to managing stormwater and protecting water quality, GI concepts and practices can provide a wide range of other community benefits.  These benefits include:

  • more greenery, better walkability, and an improved streetscape environment for residents and visitors
  • public health and safety – cooling benefits in hot weather, improved air quality, enhanced recreation and walking opportunities, and better drainage
  • crime reduction — there’s good evidence that certain crimes go down where lots and neighborhoods have more green space
  • energy efficiency – reductions in building cooling and heating costs, and in operating costs for municipal infrastructure
  • increased property values
  • many of these are especially important in urban areas and lower income communities that are disproportionately impacted by pollution, asthma and other air quality issues, heat stress in warm weather, lack of access to green space, residential energy costs, etc.

This conference will introduce and explore opportunities and challenges for implementing these concepts in the context of urban communities in the mid-Hudson Valley region. It will feature speakers and panelists including (in alphabetical order):

John Behan, Behan Associates
Nette Compton, NY City Parks Department
Robert Crauderueff, NY City Soil and Water Conservation District
Madeline Fletcher, Newburgh Community Land Bank
Simon Gruber, Hudson Valley Regional Council
Beth Hoeffner, Orange County Department of Health
Mayor Judy Kennedy, City of Newburgh
Nadine Lemmon, Tri State Transportation Campaign
Craig Marti, City of Newburgh
Barbara Moore, Former Mayor of Greenwood Lake
Ed Murphy, Hudson River Housing
Ryan Palmer, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
Rob Rolison, Dutchess County Legislature
Eric Rothstein, e Design Dynamics
Jesse Sarubbi, Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center
Peter Smith, Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance
Sacha Spector, Scenic Hudson
Kathleen (KT) Tobin, SUNY-New Paltz Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach

Contact Simon Gruber (, or Pat Pomeroy (, call 845-564-4075

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  • A great idea–but $35 —plus “ticket charge”–a ticket? And on a weekday? Perhaps the organizers can explain why a potentially informative conference for Newburghers, hosted by an elected official, Mayor Kennedy and the Hudson Valley Regional Council, is a pay-for event and held on a day when most people are at work.