Newburgh Portfolio of the Creative Minds #2


On April 26th and the Newburgh Brewing Company, the Newburgh Portfolio met. The portfolio is a mixer open to all of the creative minds in Newburgh. It was great getting to meet so many of you that I have only known by emails or phone calls. There was a nice sized crowd with visitors from NYC, Binghamton, and even Buffalo! We all had the same goal in mind- the revitalization of the City of Newburgh.

There were tons of great stories that I got to hear, especially about the reach of the blog. Some readers have come up to tour Newburgh after reading certain stories, or used the blog as a key factor when deciding to buy a house. One comment I particularly loved was an old time Newburgher that was in pure awe that he was walking to the Newburgh waterfront. Most people remember the waterfront as a burnt out lot after over 50 acres of land were cleared. It was a place you only went to if you were looking for trouble, and here they were, walking to a trendy brewery with amazing views and atmosphere. It shows the true potential that all of Newburgh holds. There are so many other places waiting to be reinvented from past stigmas.

If you missed this meet up, hopefully you can make the next one that will take place in July. No official date announced as of yet. Here’s how to keep in touch:

Facebook: Newburgh Portfolio Group, must submit request to join
Twitter: @NbgPortfolio
Instagram: Use #Newburgh #portfolio and follow Eric Jarmann

For more photos of the mixer portfolio check out the Newburgh Restoration fan page.



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