Free Pick Up with the Newburgh CSA


Whole food options in Newburgh keep getting better every year. The Newburgh CSA is now offering free pick up for members. See below for more details:

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Your membership fees go directly towards farm operating costs. In return they provide you with weekly ‘shares’ of seasonal, beyond-organic produce! Both vegetable and fruit shares are available.  

By purchasing your food directly from a local farm, you avoid the added cost of having your food shipped from enormous farms across the nation. Your produce will retain more of its nutrients,  because you get it the day it was picked.

WHY is CSA a good choice?

Local, super fresh, and convenient, this new CSA offers pesticide free, beyond organic produce at BELOW SUPERMARKET prices, with great options like DIVIDED PAYMENT PLANS.  It breaks down to roughly $25 per week for a full share and $12 per week for a half share.

WHEN & WHERE can I pick-up?

At the SAFE HARBORS/Cornerstone Building, centrally located at 115 Broadway (near the Ritz Theatre),  every THURSDAY from 6pm-8pm.

Your membership will be active from JUNE 6 through the end of OCTOBER / EARLY NOVEMBER.

HOW much and HOW long? Can I make Divided Payments?

By becoming a member you’ll receive almost SIX MONTHS OF FRESH PRODUCE, grown about 22 miles away in New Paltz, NY!

And yes! Our DIVIDED PAYMENT PLANS make it very affordable to be a member. About $25. /week full and $12. /week half share.

Full Veggie Share: $595  (feeds 3-4 people)

Half Veggie Share: $395 (feeds 1-2 people)

Full Fruit Share: $165

Half Fruit Share: $95

WHAT else comes with my membership?

In addition to your weekly share, you can visit Huguenot St. Farm 8a-8p any day for their FREE U-PICK selection of  peas, beans, peppers, cherry tomatoes, herbs and flowers!  This is a great Summer activity for friends and family, and a real education.

WHO do I contact to sign up?


or CALL the farm direct at 845-419-2164.

You can also contact Drew Morrison, the Newburgh coordinator, for help and info: / 718-938-0678

Other plans we have in store…

Free recipes and storage instructions for the seasonal produce you’ll receive.
Free kitchen scrap drop off for our composting initiative.
Free demos for how to use produce in juicing, smoothies, and baby food preparation!
The farm will offer ‘Make-Up Shares’ if you’re out of town.
You can also donate your extra produce to Newburgh residents in need.

One Comment

  • I am happy to see community-building food options coming to residents of the City of Newburgh!

    Supporting local agriculture is a wonderful thing to do; we are fortunate to have organic farms and dairies nearby within New York State.

    Research has shown that there is no age or income difference for consumers of good food–consumers are everyone in every income level.

    Good food is not elite, it brings people together.