Newburgh Storefront Improvement Program Requests Proposals


-Photo by Newburgh Restoration flickr pool user GL’s EYE

Broadway is considered Newburgh’s Main Street. It’s quite sad since many storefronts are dilapidated and run down like the ones pictured above. The City is now accepting proposals for it’s storefront improvement program from qualified architectural firms. You can find out more here, or contact James Slaughter,  Qualified firms shall submit four (4) copies of the proposal to the James Slaughter, City of Newburgh, Planning and Development Department, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, NY, no later than four o’clock p.m. (4:00 p.m.) eastern time on June 5, 2013.

“The Program provides participating owners of commercial and mixed use buildings within the targeted area with funding to repair and/or renovate building façade, more specifically storefronts.  The maximum loan amount (or scope of work) available will be $10,000 – $15,000 per building or one-half the cost of improvements, whichever is less.

City of Newburgh anticipates working with approximately 10 property owners as a part of Phase I.   Phase I projects will focus on storefront windows, doors, signage, awnings, and lighting.  Proposed façade improvements will be required to conform to the historic character of the buildings and neighborhood.   Parts of Broadway are located within Newburgh’s Historic District, those façade improvements and projects will be reviewed and are subject to approval by the City’s Architectural Review Commission (ARC).  Designs should be consistent with the architecture of the Broadway Commercial Corridor.

It is intended that this Program will commence July 2013, with all required approvals secured and proposed construction within 60 days.  Construction will be completed by November 15, 2013.”

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  • I urge the people involved in this noble endeavor to help one of our city’s greatest assets, The Karpalis Musuem, spruce up their facade. Attractive planters along the front walls, banners hanging from the building announcing what is currently on exhibit., and some interior decoration as well. It really is a treausre and very under publicized and underutilized.

  • As someone who really loves the HV and thinks Newburgh is a treasure in many ways, please pardon me for coming in and suggesting this is nothing more than a silk hat on a pig.

    Yes a clean and fresh Broadway would be amazing! However, what will this accomplish? Is it worth it to upgrade a store front that is in disrepair because nobody cared enough to upkeep it in the first place? Is this merely a way to inflate the price of structures on Broadway? If there is no inherent motivation of property owners and businesses to reinvest in their properties, then why have the city do it?

    On a similar note, cleaning up Broadway would be nice, but anyone going to Broadway has to travel down streets that many folks do not ever wish to be on. Clean up/create nice corridors to Broadway, this was done for the waterfront.

    Final thought, make Newburgh economically viable/pertinent again and you wont have to spend money on things like this.

    • Dylan, yes this is a difficult issue. It’s a cycle that has many repercussions. Unless a big business moves into Newburgh to radiate change, it will be up to small business owners and homeowners.

  • Heck yeah Cher!

    Honestly, who wants large business in Newburgh? Small/midsize biz could easily flourish in the city if they could feel secure and if the local populace was adequately educated.

    In an era where small time manufacturing is doing rather well, there is no need of it not to do well in a place like Newburgh.

  • Yeah, there are tons of old warehouses and cool work spaces. Not to mention the many storefronts in all of the different neighborhoods. I think we are going to start to see some new businesses this year. Many people are looking to relocate their established businesses to the City as well. Hopefully this will catch on.

  • The facade needs to be done…. The side walks and outdoor bright lighting on signs that light sidwalk looks real nice and people can see what stores are open…

  • I hate those plaster signs their name on an awning would be a nice way to go

  • Broadway in Newburgh needs store improvement. This been like this for years.

    • Not to worry, Central Hudson is riding in on their white horse and “awarding” $1 mil. in matching grants as part of its ‘Main Street Revitalization Program’. The Greater Newburgh Partnership will receive $250k for Broadway streetscape improvements. These monies are part of the $5 mil. ‘community benefit fund’ set up as part of the Fortis take over.
      Why a matching grant? Why is a utility company acting as a budget director? Community Benefit Fund…more like taxation without representation.