Rescue Me: 52 Chambers Street

52 Chambers St Newburgh

Here is a quirky row house at 52 Chambers Street. This home has seen better days, and if not rescued will probably collapse soon. There are a great number of artistic things happening on this block including the Queen of the Hudson Music Series, urban gardenHabitat for Humanity Housing Blitz and the new offices for the Newburgh Land Bank. There are a few gorgeous buildings on this block, but then there are some very distraught ones. If this building falls down, the charm can never be replaced. Check out this beautiful Brooklyn blog that is all about saving wooden houses.

The home was sold for $60,000 in 2004. It is owned by a family that lives in Haverstraw. Today it sits vacant and abandoned.

Newburgh is New York State’s second largest historic district after NYC. Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them. I’ll continue to post my own photos, but if you have a particular building you would like to see saved, email me the photo of any building you appreciate that you would like to see rescued!