Rescue Me: 28 Spring Street

28 Spring St Newburgh NY

On passing this home one afternoon we noticed that the front door was bolted with a lock from the outside. Two extensions have been built over the years as is noticeable in the rear. This home is on a section of Spring Street where there are many adorable homes. There aren’t that many houses on this block, and so each home that is rehabbed has a huge impact to the quality of the block. The best incentive to restore this home: the East Parmenter Neighborhood is just around the corner.

This home looks like it might have been brick or wood before the stucco was applied. If you need some inspiration for restoring the exterior of houses, check out this beautiful makeover on This Old House.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant homes in Newburgh. Habitation of these homes is vital to Newburgh’s future.