Home Renovation Adventures: Bob’s Antique Window Screens


Bob has brought us more updates on his Chambers Street home. This time he is working on original double hung screens on his windows. Only one has survived. It’s original quirky details like these that make Newburgh’s old homes so unique and worth restoring.

Bob says, “When I first saw the house in 2008, both rear double windows had their original screens, which are in frames on hinges set into the building, like shutters.  Only the ones on the lower rear window survived, and they’re not in great shape. So far, I’ve repaired and re-screened only one, but it shows some progress. I took some effort to remove the old screen and the tacks and staples, repair the frame (wood filler, metal angle irons and screws), paint it and put in the new screening and beading. I hope to get the other one done soon. I don’t know whether there were also glass filled frames to put in for the winter.  If so, they are long gone.  I hope to put such screens back on the upper window and the parlor window on the front porch.  The upper window on the front has triple track aluminum windows, old to be sure, but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it…It is still a house of horrors in some regards, but I’m getting things accomplished and every bit of decency restored is a victory.”

Indeed, restoring original details back is a victory, even if it’s just one window. And so many people can be inspired to do this kind of work on their own Newburgh home someday! We love the work you are doing. Keep going!

If you would like to share your own home renovation adventure photos or a before an after transformation, please email me!

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