Meet a Newburgher: Devon Flavius


Meet Newburgher, Devon Flavius. He a a lifelong resident who will soon be opening up a new juice bar later this month called Juice Headquarters at 71 Liberty Street. Learn what it was like for him to grow up in Newburgh and why he has decided to stay and open a business here. Thank you Devon!

What was it like growing up in Newburgh?
Growing up in Newburgh was a wonderful experience. It was much different city then it is today. It was a fun place to live. I have fond memories of family, friends and playing sports.

What do you personally find interesting about Newburgh?
Newburgh is a unique city with a lot of history. Places like Washington Headquarters and the Ritz Theater are located in the city. Newburgh is unlike any other city in the Hudson Valley. More of a city feel to it, everything you need is in  walking distance. It’s a convenient city vibe.

Why have you decided to stay in the city and open up a business here?
I’m a lifelong resident of Newburgh and I love my city. There a a lot of promising small businesses in Newburgh and I wanted to offer something new and fresh. I felt it was a need for healthier choices when it comes to nutrition. I too ate unhealthy until I got older and more conscious in my diet. I just want to educate my city on how to eat healthy and feel good.

What kind of positive change have you seen in the city recently?
The thriving energy from the small businesses in Newburgh. I feel that if we continue to support each other, we can restore the city to greatness.

Do you have a favorite building or spot?
The Ritz Theater, a place that is full of history. Just to know that people like Ella Fitzgerald, Lucille Ball, and Frank Sinatra graced the stage is amazing.

What advice would you give others who are considering pioneering a new business in Newburgh?
To support each other and offer affordable services to the community. It’s hard to be successful without those two things.

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