Home Renovation Adventures: A Gothic Tale


Bob is sharing his last home renovations adventure for 2013. This one has to deal with the Gothic details of his home like this gorgeous iron fence that he thinks is original to the home. Doesn’t it look amazing next to the old slate sidewalk?


Here are Bob’s words regarding his hunt for Gothic details:

“When I contemplated the lackluster mid-20th Century fixtures flanking my front door, one without its shade, I thought it would be nice to find something that looked like it could have been from the 1890’s, something with a Gothic arch would be ideal to tie in with the fence on the other half of the building.  The hunt began.”


Here’s what I came up with. They’ll eventually be on a timer and, since there’s a street light that keeps my porch well lit, I put in the bulbs that look like flames.  Just inside, there’s another Gothic reference, but this is to the classic Gothic horror story, “Dracula.”  The Count is discussing his recent lease of a derelict property in England with his English solicitor, who warns him that Carfax Abbey is an ancient building and not in good repair.  The Count’s reply resonated with me and my feelings for my old house. The frame is an antique.  Maybe the sentiments expressed will resonate with other old house lovers.


Thanks for sharing Bob, and thanks for paying attention to the exterior of your home. It makes a nicer block for everyone!

If you would like to share your home renovation adventures email me.

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