$50 Million Available for Alternative Transportation Projects


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced last week that applications are now available for $50 million in federal funding for a variety of alternative transportation projects, including the construction of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in New York State.

Eligible project activities include:

  • On-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists and other non-motorized forms of transportation;
  • Infrastructure-related projects and systems that will provide safe routes for non-drivers, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities, to access daily needs;
  • Community improvement activities, including improving roadway safety in transportation rights-of-way and erosion control; and
  • Environmental mitigation activity, including pollution prevention and abatement activities and highway storm water drainage control to prevent flooding.

If Newburgh could get their hands on some of this money what ways do you think it could be spent to improve transportation in the city?

-Photo by Jillian Elder, Victory Designs.


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  • Someway to connect lower Broadway to the Waterfront, covered walkway bridges?

  • Pedestrian crossings included…things like the lights on corners to cross Broadway???


    • I thought the pot holes serve as a release for municipal water and natural gas ? All seriousness aside, the repairs would hit on the 2nd and 3rd bullets listed with regards to safety.

  • I certainly would endorse a calming of traffic on Water Street perhaps bike lanes,and lots of marked pedestrians crossing,

  • The pothole problem is becoming more serious every day;. weaving one’s way through the inner streets of Newburgh is now treacherous–for both people and cars. As well as alienating–the bulk of the potholes are on the “poorer” streets. Many of those streets are the ones where potential home buyers are considering. But, according to reports on NYC, any fixes right now are only temporary– permanent fixes can only be done in the spring or summer when hot asphalt can be used. As this is a real safety issue, could some of this money be dedicated to pothole repair this summer? Outside funds or not, it would be helpful if the City of Newburgh would post planned pothole repairs on the City’s website–when and where.
    As for Susan Turnbull Generazio’s suggestion for connections–walkways, bridges–between the Waterfront and lower Broadway: this would be a major advance in the revitalization of Newburgh.

  • I have tried this in the past for a safety issue with a tree, and there was a quick response. Perhaps it is worth a try for the more dangerous potholes.


  • I understand that they will post a route and fare map and schedule on the City of Newburgh website. I see the buses running around but it never looks to me like anyone is riding on them. One of the first questions that people moving to City of Newburgh rental apartments or private homes want to know is How can I commute to my job in NYC?

    At present, it is very difficult to get info about The Commute in specific detail. Some people also work on the weekends or want to go to NYC on the weekends. Maybe having a direct ELECTRIC BUS NYC shuttle from City of Newburgh center to Port Authority would be a great idea for THIS SIDE OF THE RIVER which is very very underserved by public transport.

    Is there a Chevy/Tesla electric charging station in the area? An incentive to get electric car drivers to come off 84 and into City of Newburgh.

  • Also Shortline, a bit longer, but an alternative to the train. Catch at the station in Newburgh


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