Home Renovation Adventures: Debris Cleared at 1 Edward

1 Edward Newburgh Adventures

Although it might seem like cleaning up the debris at 1 Edward has happened in a matter of weeks, what you see above took months to complete. Finally the debris has been cleared and the roof as well as the second floor ceiling can begin to rebuilt. Already we can see new floor joists in place.


To get to this point all of the sheet rock partitions also had to be removed. Below is what the property looked like a few months prior. Thanks to the home owners for keeping us updated on their extreme home makeover! The journey:

1 Edward Warehouse with Collapsed Roof has SOLD
Home Renovation Adventures: Removing a Collapsed Mega-Roof by Hand

1 Edward Newburgh Adventures A

1 Edward Newburgh Adventures

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One Comment

  • Outstanding progress. After completion, the owners should publish a ‘how-to’ book and drop off a few copies at 83 Broadway. “Restoration of Newburgh 101…The basic tenets of supply/demand & value added”.
    btw, I love the old roof trusses.