Sanitation Enforcement Discussion

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Join a discussion on sanitation enforcement in the City of Newburgh. There will be a total of 3 meetings:

April 15:   Heritage Center, 123 Grand St. @6pm

April 22: Elks Lodge #247, 356 Washington St. @6pm

April 23:  Heights Association Meeting, 104 South Lander @ 7pm

Sponsored by the City of Newburgh, CDBG Advisory Committee, Citizens Advisory Committee, & Newburgh Elks Lodge #247, and Newburgh Heights Association. You can read more information about the sanitation department enforcement program here.

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  • Most animals don’t dump where they commune…end of discussion.

    • Yes, of course. But in broader terms why would the public fall for more of these “public discussions”? No one in City Hall listens or acts. They may do a couple little things and then everything is forgotten again. Have a garbage problem: call City Hall and insist on action- and follow up. Wasting time at one of these meetings is historically demeaning and unproductive. Related to the recent issue of that park at Grand and South, the public put many hours of research and action into that project- following up for 10 years- only to have the city throw it all away. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      • “…why would the public fall for….” Assuming your question is rhetorical, I’m going to offer an answer any way. Fear and apathy. The public has been indoctrinated from day one to rely on the ‘system’ to address societal issues. The ‘system’ is more than happy to oblige as doing so just ‘kicks the can down the road’, simultaneously maintaining the ‘flow’ of public funds. One’s dependence is their control.

        • Hey That’s a perfectly good chair on the top of that pile! Where is the picture from?

          I think that what the City should offer is this: IF a person sees that dumping has occurred along a street, they should be able to call in one phone number and report it and the mess should be picked up within 24 hours at the most. Period. One way to implement this from the city is to have a system to post up on Craigslist just in case someone wants the junk under the free stuff category. If there was a citywide night for larger items pickup–most of the stuff would disappear through natural recycling. Does in Bergen County and Warwick. I have a lovely mahogany Empire dresser that I proudly rescued curbside. And on the Antique Roadshow, some of the most valuable things were throwouts.