Meet a Newburgher: Noah and Angela Shapiro

Noah and Angela

Meet Noah and Angela Shapiro, newlyweds and new parents. The Shapiro family has been in Newburgh since the 1880’s with their business, Shaprio’s Auction Mart that has transformed itself into today’s Shapiro’s Furniture Barn. It’s one of the many hidden treasures of Newburgh. Learn about why they are dedicated and determined to keep their business here and why other businesses should consider a move to the city. Thanks Noah and Angela!

Shaprio's Furniture Barn

Shapiro’s Furniture Barn has a long history in Newburgh. Can you tell us about how your family started the business since 1889?
We originally started as a horse auction mart before cars were invented. In 1938 we diversified and began to carry used furniture. Then, beginning in 1952 we started to carry a wide selection of bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, displayed in our beautifully decorated 30,000 square foot showroom. We carry some of the most recognized names in furniture and mattresses. Our family continues to always search for the best buys and values in the furniture market, and pass the savings on to the customers. We are the 4th generation of Shapiro’s to carry on the business.


Why is it important that your business remain in the City of Newburgh?
Why would we turn our back to the customers who have become family and friends over the years? They have supported our family, and our employees families through the years and in return allowed us to provide a great service and business. After 100 years we feel we have found our niche; but always striving to be better. We have our website which allows us to reach a broader customer base but we do very little advertising because we have such a wonderful customer word of mouth promotion!

Angela, you are Noah are newlyweds. What was your first impression when Noah brought you to Newburgh? What has it been like since then?
Angela-I first visited Newburgh in the Fall of 2010 and my first impression was superb. Noah and I patronized local businesses such as Broadway Cafe where I was welcomed with a hug from “mom”, entertained by George running the flattop and savored the most delicious pancakes. It was lovely too as we were in the courtship phase and everywhere we went people knew and loved Noah. We were always greeted with a friendly hello, handshake, hug and warm welcome. After moving here from Boulder, Colorado my relationship with the community only continues to grow and keep developing as I have the opportunity and pleasure to meet new people and frequent local businesses.

Do you employ local city residents? Why is that important?
We do employ local city residents and believe in supporting the community that has supported our business and family for so many years. We have a wonderful team at Shapiro’s Furniture Barn. Our delivery drivers Rigo and Juan have been with us for over 12 years and William is our numero uno sales man on the floor. He is fluent in Spanish, which is a wonderful resource for our Spanish speaking clientele.

What inspires you about Newburgh?
The people and the community, there is a palpable heartbeat, kindness and spirit here. I love seeing new businesses like APG Pilates and Martha opening up. It is very inspiring to see and connect with the new owners.

Do you think the City of Newburgh is worthy of businesses and investment?
Absolutely! The landscape and curb appeal here is very desirable. People used to come from New York City on weekends to come shopping on Broadway. Broadway has a very European feel to it. I would love to see it filled with beautiful store fronts, delicious restaurants and shops to patronize.


What is your favorite building or spot in the city?
Besides Shapiro’s Furniture Barn 🙂 We really enjoy walking around Downing Park, it’s nice to see and visit Mayor Joan Shapiro Street. She is Noah’s grandmother and we still are reminisced of her presence on a weekly basis from customers. Also, St. Lukes Hospital. We recently had our baby boy Jakob Shapiro there and everyone was so competent, thorough and wonderful to us. We are lucky to have an excellent community hospital.

What advice would you give new businesses looking to move or start up in Newburgh?
Open a business that would really benefit the community; therefor in return directly benefits the business owner. There used to be so many manufacturing jobs in the city. It would be vital to see a business that would offer jobs to the community. However, Howard Schultz said “The lifeblood of job creation in America is small business, but they can’t get access to credit.” That may be more apropos for this day and age. It is possible to survive and thrive here as a small business. We have been here for over 100 years and Sally’s Fish Market on William Street has been there for over 60 years. It’s possible and we welcome you!

Shapiro's Furniture Barn Newburgh

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  • The shapiros are great people.

  • Hey Noah !!!! Happy to read and feel your positive Energy on Newburgh. Love to your family

  • Noahs a nice guy.

  • The Shapiro Family are really a good family..Thanks ..

  • Gorgeous couple! The senior Shapiros are great people and I know these young folks are as well.

  • Great featured family Cher. Not very often do you hear of a family business making it for over 100 years! Hats off to the Shapiros! The City of Newburgh has some pretty wonderful people that make up the community and your passion is refreshing. Welcome and congrats to you all. Such a beautiful family. I love to hear such enthusiastic and love for the city.

  • Thank you for the community support and for the positivity.Angela Shapiro is a wonderful person and I only met Noah Shapiro once and for 2 seconds but could already tell he was full of kindness. Baby Jacob is just as cool as his parents.I will surely recommend my customers to go get a bed from Shapiro’s Furniture barn to sleep tight after a good Pilates class 😉

  • ‘Purchased a new mattress from Noah on Saturday, a no pressure sale made better by a personable and sincere man. His delivery men are courteous, conscientious, and polite. What more can one ask for ?
    Keep it local people…
    and thanks for the reminder Cher