Hudson Valley Arts Live Needs Your Help


A few months back we shared with you the plans to create an arts venue on Washington Street called Hudson Valley Arts Live. Things have been quite because due to zoning issues the owner cannot get permission to open his venue. He is asking for help on the fanpage. If you would like to see the Newburgh arts scene continue to flourish read his letter below:

Dear friends and neighbors,

I am writing to ask you to take a minute to write a note in support of a new venture I am trying to get started with the goal of revitalizing the heart of Newburgh with an infusion of the arts. The arts have helped revitalize many neighborhoods – like the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and Beacon in the Hudson Valley. Isn’t it time for some positive change like this in Newburgh? Wouldn’t you like to see well known musicians as well as local talent performing in an elegant venue close to home in the Hudson Valley?

Many of you know me as a lifelong resident and businessman in Newburgh. I recently started making plans to open a music and arts venue (Hudson Valley Arts LIVE) in the building in Newburgh at the intersection of 9W (South Robinson Avenue) and Washington Street which houses my other business, United Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing & Heating. Unfortunately, the area is zoned for commercial use but not for a “place of public assembly”. The opening of the venue has had to be postponed, and it will not open unless we are able to secure a zoning change. Written evidence of public support can only help us in our efforts. Would you take a minute and write a short note stating why you think Hudson Valley Arts LIVE would be good for Newburgh and/or why you support it? Emails can be sent to Letters can be mailed to Hudson Valley Arts LIVE, 299 Washington Street, Newburgh, NY 12550. Please include your full name and address in your note. Letters from other businesses and organizations would also be welcomed. We really need your support!

To those who have already left comments on Facebook, thank you! Unfortunately, Facebook comments cannot be used for the zoning board. It would be greatly appreciated if you could send those comments again in an email to the address above so they can be printed out and presented in support of this venture.

Thank you so much for your time and your support! Hopefully we will all celebrate together soon on our opening night.


Rich Fracasse

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  • Written comments are not as effective as showing up for the public hearing. There also needs to be more details about why the ZBA rejected the appeal, what their reasons were and the nature of the business. I know most the board members fairly well and they are reasonable people who are residents/stakeholders interested in Newburgh’s movement forward. Most people support the idea of the arts in Newburgh. This is not the issue- nor is how long someone’s lived here. Personally- as someone who has done more than talk about the arts in Newburgh- I don’t see anything in this letter that gives me enough information to show support. Is it a non-profit? Will it be rented out as an event space that’s not arts-related? What are its operating hours? Has it secured enough parking for the planned events during operational hours?

  • I just heard about the Hudson Valley Arts Live for the first time (Sorry Cher must have missed the previous spot).When is the due date for the e-mail to be send? Reading on their Facebook It seems like the 22nd was the last day.Please let me know,would love to support but need a little bit more time to write a letter.Thanks