New Outdoor Art Exhibition on Lander Street


Because of the rain TODAY’S EVENT IS POSTPONED until Saturday October 25th, 2:00PM. 29 Lander Street. Newburgh, NY 12550

Groundworks Newburgh is working on a new art project in collaboration with the Newburgh Land Bank and Space Create called Windows on Lander Street.

“On October 21st at 2:00 PM the public is invited to a witness the transformation of one of Newburgh’s most desolate blocks, as it becomes an art gallery for local artists. Five artists were selected to dream up images for five Land Bank owned properties on Lander Street. The artists – Will Teran, Isaac Diggs, Stephanie Eichelberger, Amanda Light and Corey Pane – have been busy placing their art on window boards for the last 7 weeks. They were given the blank wooden boards the city requires on abandoned buildings – 50 in total – to cover with their original work. The boards will rotate onto other abandoned properties as those buildings are fixed and placed back on the tax roll.”


10628583_10152333997159856_317474493257727804_nArtist picking up her windows. Photo by Groundworks Newburgh.

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  • Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. The Land Bank wants to sell real estate and there are many young, naive- or complicit- artists who are willing to help them- for FREE! Let’s add this up Soho+LES+Brookyn+Hoboken+Jersey City+++++++ = Real Estate people using artists to sell real estate. Who gains? Real estate people! Who loses? The artists! The game is out there. Thanks, Land Bank, for being so blatantly honest. (But boo on you for being so manipulative with some who still don’t understand the damage they are enjoining against their own interests.)

    This has been my beef with the Historical Society all these years. They gladly act as free customer-finders for the real estate agents. They’re supposed to be an educational non-profit, they balk at publicly chastising dereliction of duty by the city and owners of key properties, yet ultimately act as commission free real estate agents. Again, who gains from these free services? The real estate people! Who loses? The preservationists!

    As someone who discovered Newburgh through one of my friends in Soho, Don Herron, I come from that then newly minted tradition. It has been my mission to see how Newburgh could be the example of a fairer scenario. Unfortunately, what I’ve found in Newburgh is that many people think that being socially validated is more important than having a distinct voice, a distinct opinion that would ultimately improve the community.

  • One of the best ideas yet. As a big fan of street art, I say make the whole damn street an urban canvas and give out a call to ELMAC, Kofie, Roa ,Vhils etc. to collaborate with the local artist. If you don’t think the work can have an impact, check ’em out. I’ll start you off…

    • I agree. Problem with that, Walt, is that those you name would rightfully charge- more than the Land Bank would be willing to pay- for their participation. I am all for artists doing work they’re fairly compensated for- or get value from. That’s why, when we organize events through our business, it is the artists who are the ultimate benefactors. We cover almost all costs through sponsorships and encourage sales of the work.

      • I was going for effect over substance Michael. I agree with your point of fair compensation providing there is a mutual agreement… ‘I provide,you pay’ and visa versa. I see no harm if the artists volunteered their efforts in exchange for the opportunity of self-expression and exposure. However, you did touch on what is,imo, a bigger issue and that is the growing precedence where by the young and/or inexperienced provide a skill,talent or labor at a discounted rate or zero compensation in ‘exchange’ for mentor opportunities. That’s more bs meme regurgitated to feed the masses starving for their dose of hopium. Yes life experience is part of it, but exchanges don’t operate in a vacuum, expecting it to is self-righteous and accepting it just lowers the bar on an already slippery slope. Whether it’s an artist, a college intern or a trade’s apprentice, people providing an input should be compensated; I can’t say compensated at the market rate because the ‘market’ has been prostituted in a last ditch effort for competitiveness. It’s interesting how one group is tagged ‘naive’ while another group is heralded as ‘brilliant’ despite the fact they both are providing their input at zero cost. What’s up with that?
        As per the LB, a Land Trust should have been developed…but that would entail handing over power to the peeps. It still can be done, house by house; a dozen families pool and hedge their assets in order to buy and renovate, if need be, a house so as to offer it to their neighbor on a rent to own basis…. wash,rinse, repeat. It will never happen as long as long as the nanny state offers an easier alternative and keeps the majority in the dark.

  • I guess Michael’s artwork didn’t make it into the show. I think this is a fantastic idea. Newburgh could also use an aggressive campaign of public interactive art/installations that are engaging for all and can in a small way foster a conversation. See both and Great stuff.

  • Artists were actually paid $800 for their work, and Groundworks approached the Land Bank for this project. Not vice versa.

    • Shhhhhh. Seriously, good for them…great for us. Let’s see…700 buildings times x amount of panels =’s the A.G. should shake down the Bankstas for some more $’s.
      (btw, thanks for the spelling correction ; )