Public Meeting – Newburgh Area Transit Service Expansion

Newburgh transit bus

A public meeting regarding expansion of the Newburgh Area Transit Service will be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 7:00PM at the Newburgh City Hall, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, New York. The expanded Newburgh Area Transit service will consist of improved Northside and Southside routes and a new cross-town route between the St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital facilities in Newburgh and Cornwall.

Hours of service will also be extended to approximately 7 AM to 7PM each day Monday through Saturday. Information about this expansion will be provided at the October 29th public meeting and is available at

For questions or special accommodations for the public meeting please contact the Transit Orange information line 845-615-3850 or on the web at

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  • “The expanded Newburgh Area Transit service would double the number of buses operating the services, double the frequency of buses along expanded routes, improve the Northside and Southside routes,…”
    It’s been alluded to that the existing buses currently ride near empty. If that’s the case, I guess you can rationalize this perceived lack of demand due to the lack of posted schedules because there aren’t enough buses to maintain a schedule so why bother with a schedule at all in the first place until there are more buses to necessitate the need to post schedules.
    ‘Er…sounds like channel stuffing imo. ‘Lose $s on every sale but make it up on volume’.

  • agree….Behemoth Buses still rumbling through residential north/south corridors like Grand St. Hardly encouraging ridership! Smaller buses — 30/35-passenger ones — have been recommended by citizens for years. Big Buses on commercial corridors. if you’re a rider, bring suggestions to the public meeting. if you’re not a rider, tell OCTC what would make you one. Thanks NR for posting announcement! Hey, let’s all take public transport to the meeting!