Movie Being Filmed in Newburgh: 11:55 Holyoke

1155 Holyoke

Thanks to the forum, I found out about this new movie being filmed in the City of Newburgh called 11:55 Holyoke. Check them out here on Liberty Street! Here is the film description from the FB fanpage.

Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, Nelson is caught between his past and his hopes for a better future.


The old Hollywood westerns told brash and brutal tales of surviving the frontier: morality plays of an early United States. Today, countless old mill towns and boarded up factory cities provide a new frontier in our American narrative. Byproducts of an empire in decline and often forgotten, these cinematic landscapes are rich with culture and history. A modern take on a classic tradition, 11:55 Holyoke takes us to an often-overlooked side of America.

You can also keep up with them on Instagram. They have been posting photos of their film sets all around the city. Very exciting!