Habitat Live/Work Housing Rendering

Habitat G. Palladino

Back in October I announced Habitat’s new Live/Work program that is going to be funded by a $100,000 grant. The Newburgh affiliate won over three large affiliates who would have presumably won. With this new rendering we can see what exactly they are proposing on Washington Street. This program is geared toward homeowners who would like to live above their own business. It can include everything from a daycare to an art studio. Overall, the goal is to get back to the original live/work model that we see already in so many cities like Newburgh and, to capitalize on the economic growth that is happening on Liberty Street.

Applications are currently being accepted from families who qualify for the Habitat Homeownership program and have an existing small/micro business or a solid plan to start one. Please contact Clint McNair at 845.568.6035, x. 104 or email him at cmcnair@habitatnewburgh.org.

-Renderings designed by Giovanni Paladino

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  • Meanwhile there’s a brick building falling apart- now with a fence in front of it- across the street- of original material- yet in better shape than the Caffe Macchiato/Washington Market building was when it was restored. Someone tell me if I’m wrong, but SHPO- and other historic preservation organizations- are not supportive of fake renderings of old buildings. The materials and workmanship is different- and inappropriate for similar designs. How does pretending to re-create the old make anything “flow”? Look at the former Key Bank headquarters, now part of the OCCC Newburgh campus- some of the ugliest fake architecture ever built. It’s the quality of style and architecture, both of which are far different today than 150 years ago. These buildings will look like plastic versions of the originals they’re trying to re-create- especially when they are in such close proximity to the originals. Why not step it up and build new buildings that are high quality new architecture- as the originals were in their own day? There’s some pretty amazing state-of-the-art progressively-styled infill being built in cities all over the world- rich and poor. Why the pretense? The new pretend Habitat suburban-type houses in that neighborhood are a travesty, not in their use but their design. If approved this is more settling for anything. A slap in the face of any respect for our historic architecture and the pioneers who formed our historic district in the early 70’s.

    • Agree on all accounts and the only rational that can be offered is costs. Going by the H4H guidelines, unless I missed interpreted, the owner’s income must not exceed 50% of Newburgh’s median income of $35,700 in order to participate in the home ownership program. I’m not certain what the criteria is for the live/work program. As well, the monthly income is recommended to be 4x’s the house payment. Guesstimating, that affords the owner a $30,000 mortgage. H4H obviously is able to do what it does via donations, grants etc., so funds are limited. The mortgage holder is happy because of the low LV ratio, a backstop against a default, and the municipality is happy in receiving taxes on the full assessment value. For obvious reasons, the home ‘owner’ is happy. – However, there is an economic and moral hazard created when projects like this step out of their core objective (roll in a college education and it will be game, set and match). To the point, there is, again, a value added economy inherent in quality materials and workmanship. Unfortunately that concept was kicked to the curb shortly after the 70’s architectural swan song. Its replacement…”pretense” and a lowering of the bar. The notion of building ‘new’ runs counter to the whole ‘restoration’ meme, practically and idealistically.