Home Renovation Adventures: Starting from Scratch at 1 Edward


Lan has been so great keeping updated with the progress of their new home. It has been an honest look at the good, bad, and the ugly of buying structures that have been abandoned and unattended. Last time we saw an update was in August 2014 when the new wall built by the general contractor began to tilt. Since then Lan has hired a new general contractor who had to remove the old wall and start from scratch to build a new one.


It’s been a rough journey, especially when they planned on moving in last year. Lan has always remained positive. Even so, she has learned some serious lessons along the way when choosing a general contractor.

“There was a condition on purchasing 1 Edward, owner financing was one. And the owner work on the renovation after he sells is the second one. We spoke for a long time with the owner and decided to take the risk.  And the property came with that risk precisely.  We waited as long as we could and patience and let him go, so there is no legal issue unless we take him to court.

In fact, I saw another property with the same condition of owner wanting to do the renovation. I just wanted to mention this, so other buyers are aware of the risks they are taking.  Or, make a proper contract to get out of the condition faster. Just thought about to give you this info, in case of anybody else is thinking about the same purchase condition.”

Just as a reminder, here’s a look at the wall that had to be taken down:
1 Edward

Follow the progress at 1 Edward below or the tag 1 Edward:

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