Home Renovation Adventures: Project 669


This is a great story from the Harsh Family that decided to move back to Newburgh from Florida. They chose a house that needed a lot of work. Some rooms are still a work in progress, but the results show a beautiful warm home for this young family that will surely create many new memories to come. Read about their story and see more photos below.

“My husband and I purchased a foreclosed home on South St in August of 2014. The home had been abandoned and was in pretty rough shape (all the copper had been stolen), but the price was great. We are still working on the kitchen, but moved into the home in October and have continued to work on it while living here with our two young children.

I actually lived on South St, in a different house, when I was young and my husband is from New Windsor. We just moved back after living in South Florida for almost 10 years so that our kids could grow up close to family. Moving to Newburgh was logical for us because we needed a location that was both close to family and convenient for my husband to commute to Manhattan for work.

As for Newburgh itself, my neighbors have all been very welcoming and there is a great feel of community in Newburgh, something we didn’t feel in South Florida. We were able to buy our home for less than it would have costed us for a couple of years rent in some of the places we looked, and with two children under the age of 5 and I being in grad school, was important. I love the feel of our home, you can feel the age of it when you walk in, but in a good way. I felt that way about a lot of the houses we looked at in the city of Newburgh. There are so many little details of these homes that divulge a history that I believe is hard to find elsewhere.
P.S My husband wants to note that it was very important he live near Pete’s Hotdogs”

669 Collage A
This is the outside of their home before and after it was purchased. You can see that it had been neglected, and that the staircase was crumbling. It is still a work in progress but looks a million times better and in no longer an eyesore for the community.

669 Collage B
Here is Hudson’s room before and after. A great new room!

669 Collage Ca
Baby Clark’s room looks amazing. The bicycle theme is too cute.

669 Collage D
The master bedroom went from being cold and barren to warm and just right for this family.

669 Collage E
Now on to more drastic changes in the home. This bathroom received a nice upgrade as well as a nice coat of blue paint. The cat seems to agree!

669 Collage F
One of the most drastic changes is one you might not necessarily see, the basement. All the dirty white tile is gone and years of grime removed.


The living room before. Lindsay, the home owner, notes that the entire ceiling was peeling off. The repair is the first photo of this blog post.


The living room after. A beautiful inviting place to raise a family.


The Harsch’s also refinished the living room floors giving the room final finishing touches.

669 Collage G

Old homes always have surprises. Lindsay says, “We also found something kind of cool that had fallen behind some of the molding in the house. I am not sure if Walter Felton was local to Newburgh or not, but we framed it, and kept it in the house.”

Thanks so much to the Harsch Family for sharing the updates of your lovely home. You are an inspiration for others wanting to buy and fix up their own home in Newburgh. Have your own home renovation adventures in the City of Newburgh that you would like to share? Your own before and after? Email me!


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