House Tour: 164 Grand Street


After 4 years of being vacant and going on the market in March, a new family is moving into 164 Grand! This house has amazing historic details that the new owners plan to maintain. Yes, they are from Brooklyn, but Julie is French Canadian and her husband is Danish. They have been gracious enough to share the details of their home and the work they are planning to do. You can see a cherry picker above fixing their original slate roof.

“The roof needed fixing (that’s actually already done) and the 2-story porch in the back needs to be re-done. Inside, it’s mostly minor cosmetic work. Everything that is original to the house and not broken will stay as is. Later additions (we believe some of the wallpaper was put up in the 90’s and we will be replacing some of it). And there are a few broken windows which need replacing, including 2 of the round windows in the bay window.”

Enjoy the photos and remember, there are plenty of other homes like this in Newburgh waiting to be preserved (large and small). Restoring a house and want to share your journey? Email me,

11350615_10153312930638745_2636682198378808689_n One of 3 sets of original pocket doors

164 Collage 1 Built-ins galore. Marble sink and original built-ins adjacent to bedroom and Butler’s pantry seen from dining room.

19389_10153312930838745_3148300247376356973_nBeautiful and amazingly sturdy staircase. In incredible condition given that the house has been vacant for 4 years.

164 Collage 2 1877 flush toilet, possibly one of the earliest in the US, found in a small room in the basement and was presumably used by the servants.

22300_10153312930543745_5221863460194155267_n One of the many original gas lamps. This one, however, is the only one that still has its shade.

11225447_10153312930703745_98911655357661236_n Old thermostat.

10411115_10153316881253745_5792006003755372005_n Copper sink in butler’s pantry.

11209363_10153316616008745_1307130407666279687_n Pocket door key.

164 Collage 3 Detail of one of 4 wood burning fireplaces. Each fireplace has a different design and different tiles around.

11067767_10153312996143745_4057217746255851266_n More fireplace details.

164 Collage 4

11051216_10153316615778745_3468294134275075110_n Those floors and tiles!

164 Collage 5 Back of the house with a 2 story porch that will eventually need to be redone.

11165266_10153312930973745_1739928530877592273_n 19th century walk-in closet with built-ins.

10245295_10153312996058745_6886304251970770315_n Wainscoting details.

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  • A true treasure for sure! I would love to see this one after the renovations. Absolutely amazing properties hiding all over town.

  • What a beauty! One good question; Why is there an orange cone on the front entrance?

    • Pauly – I suspect it is a safety precaution (incase anyone inside decides to leave out the front door, something may fall from the roof / cherry picker. The house looks great! Good luck with the restoration!

  • So happy to see this wonderful house be a home again.
    Thanks for sharing these photos!