Home Renovation Adventures: Progress at 1 Edward

1 Edward Progress

Excitingly, things are moving along at 1 Edward. The family is doing tons of painting. They estimate that by the time they are done it will be close to 30,000 sq ft of space they have painted! Work is moving along so fast they hope to move in 2 weeks from now, or by the end of June. See below for more progress.



Below is a look at the studio and office that has been created on the 1st floor.



And if you are new to the blog and don’t understand why this renovation is such a big deal, click here or just look at the image below:

Follow the progress at 1 Edward below or the tag 1 Edward:

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  • So happy to see this progress!!! I watched this property lay dormant for so long, so happy to know they found contractors worthy of this important renovation! I drove past today and was so happy to just see a new ROOF on this place. The new place looks amazing!! Cant wait for a tour…..

  • We can hardly wait to welcome the new neighbors…and help them settle in after such a long and difficult process.
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing the plans for this great space!

  • From bomb crater to top shelf studio! Fantastic work! I actually got jealous from the photos!