Newburgh Art Supply Celebrates 7 Years in Business

Michael & Gerardo

Since Newburgh Restoration was started, I have seen many businesses come and go in Newburgh. One business that has consistently been there, and maintains consistent hours, is Newburgh Art Supply. Their door is always open. They are often the go-to spot when visitors come to the city looking for some more insight on the Newburgh scene and, they also support the burgeoning art community in the city. Below, they wanted to write a note of thanks. Congrats Michael and Gerardo!

We, Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor, at Newburgh Art Supply are very excited to celebrate our 7th year in business this month.

Looking back on these seven years we are filled with immense pride for what we have achieved and even greater gratitude for the incredible support which has helped us get here. Our successes, rooted in our continuous commitment to community and friendships are in no small way a direct result of the overwhelming support we have received from our community, customers, and partners. Without you we would not be where we are today.

Newburgh Art Supply has experienced tremendous growth and significant accomplishments over the years. We have and continue to collaborate and partner with many local businesses, colleges, institutions and individuals to create events, gallery exhibitions and countless activities that foster change and transform our everyday experience with the arts…The Lightbulb Project, Art About Water and the highly anticipated Newburgh Open Studios celebrating 5 years in September have become a staple, of the Arts, in Newburgh.

As we continue to build a stronger relationship with each and every one of you, we fully recognize that your support and the continued trust that you place in us is the foundation of our success: we thank you!  And HURRAY- to many more years of NEWBURGH ART SUPPLY!

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  • I had wondered what happened with them. They are still around. That’s great.

  • Congratulations! You are a cactus flower for my hometown of Newburgh! Keep it going!

  • Congratulations to NAS and to Newburgh for the City’s very good fortune in having this unique center of the Arts and every other world. It is unusual that in any partnership, both parts are equally talented but–hey! Meet Michael and Gerardo. Their contributions to the community–both heralded and every day–are immeasurable and have raised the present and future bar of Newburgh high and higher. On a personal level: moving here 7 years ago, knowing no one , and with no idea how to get involved with the community were solved in my first visit to NAS–which led me to an ever-increasing immersion in the people, places and government of Our City on The River.
    ‘Thank you’ is not a strong enough salute.