Newburgh Environmental Justice Workshop

Newburgh Invitation 3

Date/Times:  Wednesday, September 23rd at SUNY-Orange Kaplan Hall. There are two sessions, both covering the same content, from 1-4 PM and 6-9 PM
Background: Earlier this year, EPA met with Newburgh stakeholders to discuss the City of Newburgh’s environmental and health issues, including the need to educate the community on these issues. As a result, EPA is collaborating withNewburgh stakeholders on a Newburgh Environmental Justice and Environmental Education workshop. Any and all community members and Newburgh stakeholders are welcome! Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to learn about environmental justice, specific environmental issues (indoor air quality and lead hazards) in Newburgh, as well as community engagement and other environmental and health related work in the community. The workshop will conclude with an open forum discussion. Participants include EPA Region 2, the City of Newburgh, Orange County Department of Health, Orange County Office of Community Development,  other governmental agencies and local organizations. Light refreshments will be provided.
Draft Agenda:
1:00-1:10 PM
(6:00-6:10 PM)
Opening remarks by Newburgh Mayor or City Manager
1:10-1:20 PM
(6:10-6:20 PM)
Welcome from EPA – including intro to EJ and the EJ concerns Newburgh faces
1:20-1:35 PM
(6:20-6:35 PM)
Keynote speaker: Gregg Swanzey – Kingston, NY
1:35-2:35 PM
(6:35-7:35 PM)
Panel discussion (up to 10 minutes per speaker; 10 minutes for Q&A)
·         Rich Mayfield, OCDCD – Lead
·         Bob Deitrich, OCDOH – Lead
·         Michael Vatter, City of Newburgh – Indoor Air
·         Joe Laquatra, Cornell – Indoor Air
·         Rae Leiner – Community Solutions
·         Q&A
2:35-2:45 PM
(7:35-7:45 PM)
Break/Table setup
2:45-3:15 PM
(7:45-8:15 PM)
Table session – Attendees walk around, ask questions, get info
3:15-3:55 PM
(8:15-8:55 PM)
Open forum/discussion
3:55-4:00 PM
(8:55-9:00 PM)
Wrap-up/Closing remarks (EPA)