Real Estate: 23 Gardner Street $49,410

23 Gardner Front

The City of Newburgh’s Planning and Development Department plans to highlight one city-owned property for sale each month. This property is located in the northwestern corner of Newburgh. It looks like it would make a nice starter home. The bathroom has been updated and the kitchen has been renovated. Strong preference will be given to an owner-occupant purchaser.

* This is the minimum price. The City of Newburgh will also entertain bids above the asking price. All interested purchasers need to submit a PODA (Private Owner Development Application) . The application is available on-line and at the City of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Office, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, NY.   For additional information call: (845)-569-7387 or (845)-569-9400.

23 Gardner St Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $49,410
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23 Gardner Bath

23 Gardner Kitchen

23 Gardner Living

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  • Beautiful house in City of Newburgh.

  • “* This is the minimum price.” The ‘City has been taking what they can get. Check the previous sales, 20% or less of the AV. At the current rate it will take decades to make up for the hit to their balance sheet and expended taxes. The ‘City isn’t selling houses on the cheap, they’re buying tax dollars at a loss. However, that’s the point, stop the bleeding. At this point it’s the only feasible option municipalities have as ‘press print’ is Reserve(d). That and, as the mayor said, “make it up in the tax base”. (item 3a )
    It could be worse as Chicago is selling properties for a $ in the hopes of backing billions in unfunded liabilities.

    • I would hope once you build up the tax base you can then go about lowering the taxes. This small but looks nice house probably will require $4500 a year in taxes. But at a mere 45k for a house the mortgage should be very nice $700 or there abouts is my guess

      • $6969 combined taxes with an AV of $109800. That’s my point, the municipal assessment offices are putting an artificial floor on the tax base by circumventing price discovery. Doing otherwise would require across the board austerity and/or lowering of assessments, not happening. That said, on paper a purchaser of this house has an instant 60k in equity ; )