Newburgh Community Book Exchange

Newburgh Community Book exchange

Something I have been vocal about in the past is the desire to have a bookstore in the City of Newburgh. They might be a dying breed, but bookstore alternatives are becoming very popular. I’m working on my own project for something like this in the Spring. In the meanwhile, I’m so pleased the Fullerton Center Free Community Book Exchange has been formed! You can visit starting this Sunday, 297 Grand Street.

Inspired by a fan of Fullerton who needed to give away a lifetime collection of hundreds family books, Michael Green offered the Carriage House at Fullerton as a Give and Take situation: A Fullerton Center Free Community Book Exchange.

The left bay of the carriage house was cleared out, tables and shelves were donated augmented by tables made by Jeff and via word of mouth, and boxes of hardbacks and paperback books started pouring in.  Newburgh neighbors revealed: the book subject range was astonishing.  Testing the waters a soft opening was held on Saturday. People brought books, people took books; most did both.   People stayed and chatted about books, people sat down and ruminated about books—a word as well as a book exchange.

So, off we go!  The Fullerton Cultural Center Community Free Book Exchange will now be open for bring ins and take-outs on Sundays from noon-3, starting with this Sunday, October 11th. Located at 297 Grand Street.

As an extra, the CBE is also collecting children’s books for Amina Chaudri, a librarian and author who, with her son and wagon   walks though the streets of Newburgh giving out books to local kids.  A collection box for Amina is in the Carriage House. Please join us this Sunday!

-Photo from Newburgh Last Saturdays, Lisa Selin Davis

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  • Hi! My husband and I love this idea– books should be everywhere!
    We’ve been talking recently about making a permanent home for our mobile used bookstore in Newburgh. We’d love to chat with you about your plans, too.
    Books for everyone!