Before and After: 107 Liberty Street

107 Liberty Newburgh Before

Although there are many distressed buildings in Newburgh, there are plenty that have been restored and rehabilitated over the years. It can be easy to forget or to overlook these buildings. This is a wonderful and dramatic reminder of what 107 Liberty Street used to look like. Local business woman and owner, Stacie Laskin, bought the property from the city of Newburgh. The entire building was gutted to make 2 spacious apartments and a proper storefront that she now uses as an office. Stacie also removed the white paint from the facade and rebuilt the bay windows that were rotting.

Buildings like this look all too familiar. Some people say they should just be torn down, but the “after” photo below shows how valuable and irreplaceable Newburgh architecture is. There are many more buildings on Liberty Street just waiting for their turn to be brought back to life.


Architect Jeff Wilkinson designed the restoration of the property.

107 Rendering