Developer Making Major Changes on South William by Rehabilitating 3 Run-Down Properties

127 S William Newburgh NY

Take a close look at these properties on South William Street because soon they will look drastically different-in a good way. Developer, RE.vitalize Newburgh is taking on the task of rehabilitating 3 of these 4 properties. The 4th will be done by a different developer. Work has begun on the first property, 127 South William. Long neglected it is staggering the amount of work that must be done. Rotted walls and ceilings are falling, substandard kitchens and bathrooms must be gutted, and some floors have an inch worth of black mysterious substances on the original wood floors. Slowly though, as the dropped ceilings begin to fall and the dumpster pile begins to grow, things are changing.


These properties are located on the same block as Atlas Industries and Studios, which has approximately 30 tenants who are artisans, craftsman, and the like. Just over a year ago their windows were blocked in. However, recently they have been opened up and exciting plans for the ground floor are being discussed. It makes sense then that South William would be the next block to see development as have the other blocks heading north up to Broadway. It is worthy to note that RE.vitalize Newburgh is concerned with more than just flipping these properties to get tenants in as fast as possible. They are committed to making social and placemaking changes to South William. If tenants adhere to RE.vitalize guidelines, they will on a per unit basis, donate 100% of the unused annual repair budget to a local social and community service organizations that directly impact that resident or the community. They also plan to add a tree to their sidewalk and add sufficient lighting to increase safety.

109 S William Collage


They have already begun to work on being a responsible neighbor by cleaning up the adjacent neglected property, 109 South William, which they do not own. It was overwrought with weeds and foliage, which not only made it unsightly but also dangerous. A lot of people of have been interested in this property. Anyone I know who has submitted an inquiry has not had a response. Although it may look like a small warehouse, it is rather large with 2 floors and an extensive basement. Depending on the use of the property if ever sold, it could help be a game-changer, not only to South William, but also to William and Liberty Street. For now, between Atlas, Ted Doering’s warehouse (Resnick’s) and the work on these residential properties, South William is heading in the right direction. Thornwillow is also increasing their presence to the area with plans being discussed for properties along South Lander. A steady concentration of development is building and slowly but surely it will reach the Liberty Street School.

Apartments should be ready to rent early 2016. Stay tuned if you are interested. For now, check out some before photos of what 127 South William looks like now.

Kit unit 3

Kit unit 1


dinrm unit 2




building (rare) 1

South William Block

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  • Nice photos. I can see the potential, and a little history. Great news and best of luck to the developer making a difference. I like the idea of unused repair funds being a giveback to the community residents.