November 2015 City Owned Property List

31 Clark St Newburgh NY

The City of Newburgh has published its November 2015 property list. Most properties are vacant or abandoned like this one above at 31 Clark Street. I picked this one to showcase because there has been development on this block. Habitat for Humanity just built 3 news homes on Clark Street that will go to owner occupants and another home has been rehabbed and is available for rent. It is also just around the corner from a huge development project yet to be announced. Washington Street is just at the corner and in walking distance is Liberty Street and Washington’s HQ. Overall, it is the mass rehabilitation of these smaller buildings that will change the Newburgh landscape. It’s a great simple rowhome that probably needs to be gut renovated. The minimum purchase price for this property is $9,300.

Buying a city-owned property comes with challenges. If you would like help, consult this guide made by city residents: Helpful Notes to buy Newburgh city owned property.

One Comment

  • Property values running their counter intuitive decline on Clark as well I see. Down again @ 10% on average this year just like the revitalizing E.Parmenter and Lander. The school system loves those homes as they are assessed at a premium relative to their neighbors. Why buy a Habitat or NCLB new or restored property if it’ll be under water there after? How are the progressives going to spin this decline? Phenomenon? Well, community development isn’t a fiat currency. How long can the ‘City maintain it without becoming third world? The ‘City is paving streets while sewage and natty are leaking. Bridges are being shut down because there are no funds to repair them. I know, let’s shoot the messenger and start soliciting for resumes. Maybe ban those pesky infrastructure diagnostic trucks.