Rain Barrel Giveaway


Details & Rules:
  • 1 ticket per person
  • There are 7 Rain Barrels for raffle, Courtesy of the Orange County Department of Health
  • There are 15 Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Totes available for raffle, surplus from the City Water Department.
  • Training on harvesting water is being offered by the Downing Park Urban Farm and preference may be given to attendees. Visit www.downingparkurbanfarm.org for more information.
  • Pick-up will be the responsibility of the winner

4 Comment

  • Nice. How about an incentive for the majority, i.e. a tax credit, to really make an impact. It’s interesting how h2o conservation awareness is becoming common knowledge yet tptb are setting up behind the eight ball. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’…water surcharges coming soon to a municipality near you.

    • One queens neighborhood got tons of rain barrels and use them at BBQs etc. as kegs. Might be better than the tax credit, won’t you say Walt? 🙂

      • I like it, ‘falls into that public-private partnership meme. So when does city hall set up the muni-tap at the Nburgh Brewery?

        • When does “city hall set up”? You know we need a “study” first Walt. – will the use of rain barrels result in a more equitable distribution of free beer to all city residents. However, surcharges on the brewery have already been determined. Will keep you posted.