169 1/2 Liberty becomes home to new recording and music coaching business, YouThere

You There
An abandoned, tax-foreclosed Dominican hair salon will soon be home to YouThere, an exclusive community of musicians offering performance coaching, one-take recording, and business plan development. Founders, Aaron Latos and Sarah Beckham Hooff moved to Newburgh because a friend told them not to go, and they loved it. Three weeks later, they packed up everything they owned (mostly drums) into their 90’s Toyota granny-car and moved to Newburgh, knowing this was it! Ever since then they have been collecting rare vintage music equipment, demolishing and DIYing their new space and immersing themselves into the Newburgh creative scene.

Armed with 30+ year industry experience, their mission is to radically change the quality of emotional life in America by cultivating long-term, supportive, growth-sparking relationships with their musician clients that equip them with actionable skills for performing, recording, and successfully running a music-making business. Their goal is the equip musicians to independently bring the emotional vision of their music to fruition.

You can catch them at any one of their events in Brooklyn or Newburgh. For full details go to their Facebook page, or check out their Instagram.


-Photo credit Williamson Brasfield & Allison Kuo