Pop-Up Thrift Shop Opening Party

Chime In Pop Up

Liberty Street has a great burgeoning food scene that is firmly taking hold. A nice mix of retail would wonderfully compliment the area and I am so pleased to see that a pop-up thrift shop coming to northern Liberty. They will also be selling items made locally in Newburgh. This is just a pop-up shop, but perhaps if they do well they might consider a permanent location. So come to the opening party August 5th and 188 Liberty! For more details on Chime In, check out their website or Instagram.

One Comment

  • ..and it’s run by two wonderful, enthusiastic, and savvy young women of Newburgh! I would tell you who they were, and you probably already know at least one of them, but that would spoil the surprise. Have fun at the opening everyone! (sorry to miss) AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL VENTURE!