Real Estate: 24 Courtney Avenue $252,500 (Sale Pending)

24 Courtney Avenue Newburgh NY

This is a beautiful remodel done by Newburgh City Living. Although the sale is pending, it’s worth showing what the rehab housing market looks like in the City of Newburgh. The quick sale of this property shows that there is demand for rehabilitated properties. Not everyone wants to be a weekend warrior. Some people want move-in ready properties. I featured this home before the rehab last November. The upgrades look fresh, modern and true to the home’s character. It’s a true testament the potential these houses hold when shown a little love. I also appreciate how they thoughtfully converted it back to a one family property.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last rehab we will see from Newburgh City Living. Their choice of location was spot on. Their next project is 44 Carson. Stay tuned for when that is completed. For more photographs and details about this property, go to Newburgh City Living.

Photography: Ann Stratton




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  • A quarter of a $mil.. Hmmm, and I’ve been reading Chinese capital outflows to U.S. real estate has started to wane. Move over NYC and San Fran, Newburgh is the new ‘go to’ for foreign money laundering.
    /sarc tag required?

    • Walt, BoE rate cutting, treasuries falling, negative interest rates on the horizon, petrodollar ending, so what is a fella / russian or chinese gangster to do with his money? Oh, and the middle class losing options to live in NYC as there seems to be no end to the rise in prices.
      Having said that, beautiful remodeling job. A credit to the neighborhood.

  • The pictures and staging are amazing and it’s great news that this is happening. However, when you look closely the work is not really up to par. The tile work is not great, holes in the floor, paint on the windows, etc.

    • So you’re not buying the urethaned sub-floors and fenced in fallowed plot? What is “it” that is happening? I see an example of ‘putty & paint, make it what it ain’t’ with an inflated sale ‘pending’. I see a marketing push on a second-string gentrification, aka ‘creative place making’. Then again, I lost my rose tinted glasses a few years back.

      • I would have preferred to see the ‘subfloor’ properly sanded prior to it being painted. As far as the putty & paint, it seems to be a trademark of most contractors & investors. It’s not about delivering the best product but a fast and cheap one, and that’s without getting into the economics of it in this great city.
        The marketing push is certainly not without notice, but I think neither are the painfully slow but obvious changes that are occurring.
        So maybe it’s time to look for those glasses again?

        • Back in the day ‘hacks’ wouldn’t last long…anywhere. The bar has been slowly lowered since just prior to the last bubble as, paradoxically, easy accessibility made the average consumer irreverent of real value and opting for the ‘better’ deal. Construction, education, healthcare etc. were devalued while, concurrently, in some instances deemed as a ‘right’. Still, the associated costs have inflated in spite of the decrease in quality…the former being debased from the latter, go figure. It’s to a point that the critical consumer (once considered ‘par for the course’) is viewed as the drag, easily dropped as there are plenty more ready in the wings .
          We want to hasten the change…lose the euphemistic “trademark” normalcy as well.

  • has this closed?