Mid Broadway Project goes before the Planning Board Tonight

Mid Broadway Project

Apologies for the short notice, but the Newburgh Planning Board will be reviewing an application by Mill Street Partners to build on the Mid-Broadway Lot. The application is 264 pages long and addresses:

  • traffic and parking concerns- they affirm that there is more than sufficient parking during peak operating times in the vicinity of the Site, also considering pedestrian and non-vehicular travel opportunities
  • preserving historic building 14 Johnston Street- they affirm a review in accordance with the Nation Historic Preservation Act, preserving the building is not feasible, given highly deteriorated conditions. They suggest reusing materials from the building that can be salvaged
  • bioswales and pervious pavers have been introduced into the design per CAC comments
  • updates to stormwater control and management

Many residents are against this in plan. Two residents filed a lawsuit in 2014 to stop the lot from being developed. If you would like your voice to be heard, for or against the project, or simply want to be informed of what is going on, attend the planning board meeting tonight: 7:30pm at 401 Washington Street

Mid Broadway Project 1

Mid Broadway Project 1

One Comment

  • Pssst. Don’t forget Newburgh’s three year capital needs of $102million. The ‘City is already carrying a debt limit of $80 mil..The argument against this project is mainly financial, it’s a subsidized build for subsidized housing. The math proves this project is a big time burden for the City’s tax base. However, the progressive tribe will push to have it (3% returns on fed bonds isn’t helping pension funds) and remember who now comprises the ‘City council. One way or another, they’ll get their tax revenue. Project aside, the ‘City will be rolling over its’ bonds and accepting a loan from the state to pay for necessary infrastructure projects. This is Juxtaposed on a property tax base that actually decreased yoy. The City’s tax exempt properties, which trumps the former, increased. ‘Er, not good. Yet, I recently read an article in a local publication that stated the ‘City has returned hundreds of houses back to the tax rolls. Simply…not…true. But don’t let math get in the way… at the last city council meeting regarding this project, a city resident stated her relative needs an affordable to place to live part-time when not residing in her main Florida residence. Nice. About the parking concerns; this project’s parking falls short of the consolidation of permanent residents (1.23 spots per unit my arse) combined with increased patronage and the ‘crack up’ economic stimulus to the area as a whole.
    This city is probably the closest it has ever been to a crossroads. As a business model, this project is a loser and lays a precedence that, if followed, will lead the ‘Burgh that much closer toward insolvency. But hey, don’t sweat the money situation. Maybe Newburgh Itself can default and buy itself back with better terms and tax exemptions ; |