New Hardware Store on Broadway, Hales Hardware


The new hardware store in Newburgh is probably the most talked about and mentioned new business in the city. Hales Hardware is located at 199 Broadway in between City Terrace and William Street. All over social media everyone is saying “finally I don’t have to drive all the way to Home Depot!”

In a city with the second largest historic district in NY State, these buildings need a lot of repairs. Hales carries everything for the weekend warrior or contractor. And, they carry plenty that is not in the store. On their soon to be launched website, you’ll be able to order things online and pick them up from the store.


Uncle and niece, Mel and Tracey. They are new to Newburgh having moved two years ago from Harlem and Brooklyn respectively. Tracey loves living in Newburgh, and her witty uncle seems to fit right in.

Support local businesses because they support Newburgh. Keep your dollars local! We are so excited for Hales Hardware!




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