Real Estate: 9 Carson Avenue $1,190


Channel your inner Nicole Curtis and consider rehabbing one of the saddest houses in the Heights neighborhood. It might seem like a crazy idea to take on a project like this, but we have already had at least one successful purchase and rehabilitation begin on a previous “untouchable” home like this one from showcasing it on the blog. This is a great location and great neighborhood to consider.

Neglected beauty on the crest of Washington Heights. This one even boasts views of the Hudson River! Unbelievably, much of the original interior finish remains: beautiful wood trim, wood doors, solid staircase and even a wood mantelpiece. Unleash the river views. Enjoy them from the entire north side of the house – including the walk-up attic. Needs considerable (emphasis on considerable) work to bring this one back to life…but could be oh so rewarding.

9 Carson Avenue Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $1,190*
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* This is the minimum price. The City of Newburgh will also entertain bids above the asking price. All interested purchasers need to submit a PODA (Private Owner Development Application) . The application is available on-line and at the City of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Office, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, NY. For additional information call: 845-569-7400.




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  • Dosen’t a sign with a white “X” on a red background mean the house is slated for demolition?

    • Semantics… as the sign is clearly visible, the realtor cannot be faulted for lack of disclosure. As well, demolition was implied by the verbiage ‘unleashing the river views’ (although I think the neighbor’s house would need to come down as well to achieve that) ; |

      • True that, Walt. I walk by this house at least once a week. This place is TERRIFYING. I am in serious reservation about this place ever being liveable again.

        I’ve seen some amazing work on this website. My personal favorite is still a building that had partially collapsed just a few blocks down, which is now one of the nicest places to live in the city. The big difference was that this place is wood, while the renovated place nearby is brick. I hope I’m proven wrong on this one, but I doubt it. I think 9 Carson Avenue has a hot date-with a bulldozer.

    • Pauly, according to Newburgh Planning:

      “It is to alert first responders on the potential conditions inside vacant buildings, should they enter in the dark or in smoke (limited visibility). X basically means do not enter or enter with extreme caution—there are probably holes in the floors or structural issues. Anything that would cause a serious concern when entering with limited visibility. The slash means to enter with caution, but that there are no specific structural issues—maybe just debris or unknown. There is also a third, which most places don’t use, which is the red box. That just means “vacant.” It is meant to tell the first responders that there shouldn’t be lawful habitation inside. In practice, it just gets read as “vacant building, please squat here,” so again most municipalities choose not to put that one up.”

      Some more background on it here:

      • Thanks for that Cher. I had looked for that info in the City’s web site and came up blank. As per the transfer of condemned property…
        Fwiw, it costs the City $150k, give or take, to demo a building like this, primarily due to environmental regulations. It’s a main driver behind the City’s push to unload these vacant buildings for pennies on the $… tick-tock. That *minimum price* thingy, pffft. The City agreed to sell 251 Powell for less than half that the week following its posting on this blog. The new owner intends to reduce it to a two family.

      • Thanks for the heads-up, Cher. I know the regulation varies from city to city, but wasn’t aware what the sign meant in Newburgh.

        • Thanks for the info on the x, / and red box with x. Very helpful when often one can’t see inside a structure to get an ideal of what’s going on.

          Considering the cost of demo, it seems like it would be more effective to just repair roofs and keep the exterior looking decent in order to avoid demo costs, and, attract a buyer.