Demolition: 182 Fullerton Avenue

The white house that was on the corner of Fullerton Avenue and South Street is no more. Tax records confirm rumors that Central Hudson bought the property to build some sort of control station. The purchase price was $35,000 in December 2015. Last week while driving by it was striking to see the house being torn down, floor by floor. An old Zillow listing shows the house was vacant with boarded windows and peeling paint. The listing details that water removal was likely needed in the basement.

It’s still yet to be determined what the replacement structure will be. However, look at the comparison of what was there, and what we are left with. Corner properties are gateway entrances into neighborhoods. Instead of seeing a quaint white house (granted in need of repairs) with a large tree, what you will see is a barren lot, probably to be replaced with a cold concrete structure with a chain link fence.

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  • I attended the Conservation Advisory Council meeting where Central Hudson presented this design. Supposedly the structure (a gas regulator station) will be designed to look somewhat house-like. Of course, we’ll see if they follow through.

  • That is a shame. That house had really sweet features, beautiful old windows. Utility companies building a regulator station on that corner, which I agree is the gate way to the City of Newburgh should never had been allowed. Terrible.

  • “Control station”? So, we can assume the project site received a rezoning from its previous RL designation and the RF and EMF issues were addressed by tptb? I’ll have to stop down to the site to take a gander at the fancy new info sign posted.

  • I’m in shock. That was a gorgeous house.