Real Estate: 246 Grand Street $119,560*

This house was posted as a Rescue Me house a few weeks back, which generated a lot of interest. Now we get to take a look inside as the City is officially putting the house on the market. The clover motif that repeats itself throughout the house is particularly special. And don’t panic about the old windows! Please read all the details below and make sure you fill out the proper documents before contacting them to express interest in the property.

The City of Newburgh is looking for someone to renovate this 3-story, brick residence on Grand Street. Once used as a 3-family residence, the building has plenty of potential – even to be re-envisioned as a single family residence. Many of the original details remain, but much work – both inside and outside – is needed to make them shine. Hudson River views can be gleaned from its 3rd story rear windows. The essentials: 3048 estimated square footage; 43’ x 150’ lot; full, unfinished basement; 3 baths; 4+ bedrooms. $119,560* is the minimum purchase price.

** This is the suggested minimum offer price. The City of Newburgh will also entertain other bids from qualified applicants. The City of Newburgh strongly prefers an owner-occupant purchaser. All interested purchasers must submit a PODA (Private Owner Development Application) with required financial information prior to gaining access to the property. Applicants are urged to consult the City of Newburgh’s website ( to download a copy of the PODA, and review the City of Newburgh’s purchase process under the Department of Planning and Development’s section of the website. For any additional questions please call: 845-569-7387 or 845-569-9400. Completed applications need to be received by August 25, 2017.

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